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Feel the Ground Beneath Your Feet

Talk long enough to anyone who regularly walks when they play golf and they’ll eventually tell you there is no better way to play the game. The fresh air, the feel of the ground beneath your feet, and the perfect rhythm it creates makes walking 18 holes of golf the only way to go.Sun Mountain is among the leading golf manufacturers ofRead more

Bring Ame & Lulu Home for the Holidays!

Ame & Lulu are the perfect pair to bring home for the holidays! Their creative talents provide you with the perfect golf gift ideas for the women in your life.Let’s start with the golf club head covers. They are designed to fit 460 cc drivers along with fairway woods. These trendy, yet sophisticated set ofRead more

Great New Arrival at Lori’s Golf Shoppe: Crocs Golf Shoes

Yes, they have finally arrived…. Crocs Golf Shoes for both men and women. The Boulder, Colorado based company has developed their first shoes for golf and have provided another great option for summer golf shoes. Over the past few years, Crocs Shoes have been known for being a lightweight, comfortable, slip-resistant, fashionable and functional shoe at an affordable price. Now, they haveRead more