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EP Pro Ladies Sitting Pretty Collection –Golf Apparel That Fits

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Get Candy-Fied with EP Pro Monet Golf Outfits

Golf used to be a sport for gentlemen. Lawyers, stock brokers, doctors, hedge fund managers, daddies, heirs –they all spend their free days on the golf course to relax and expand their network. Then ladies started to take interest in the sport and so now, you’ll see more and more ladies, young and old, practicing their swing.

Of course, any girl doesn’t want to beRead more

EP Pro Amalfi Coast Collection

On days when it’s hard to choose what to wear when playing outdoors, a simple yet quirky outfit may just be the solution to your “what-should-I-wear” dilemma which is very common to all ladies.

The EP Pro Amalfi Coast collection is just that — simple and quirky, with the right touch of cheer brought about by the juniper (blue) and aloe (green) colour combination.
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Splashes of Color from EP Pro Golf Calabria Collection

Sports is a visual event. Spectators are glued to the action, may it be on the court, the field or the pool.  To add to the otherwise display of brute yet graceful force, uniforms have become increasingly colorful and creative. Special thanks to the sponsors, most especially to designers who come up with apt creations for the players. Golf is one of those sports that don’t Read more