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Be as Bold and Vintage as this Classic Glove It Mod Dot Collection

Whoever says mod dots had a short lived fashion moment in 1960s is actually wrong. The combination of black and white has never gone old. In fact, vintage fashion has been a recurring trend from new generation to another. If you are a positive-plus type of woman, you will love the bold and beautiful look with Glove It Mod Dot Collection.

Having matching golf items and accessories can really help you tie your lookRead more

This Jungle Fever Collection from Glove It Makes You Want to Take Fridays Off

Don’t we just love heading out on a weekday to play a round of golf? Not without Glove It Jungle fever Collection.

Just because it’s a Friday doesn’t mean you can’t get your swing on! Having this lively set of golf essentials and accessories is simply irresistible. Remember, a round of golf with your best friends is a foolproof recipe for satisfaction but the best golf accessories is anRead more

Feel the Energy Rush with These Glove It Red Clear Dot

Everybody loves wearing red golf accessories like these lovely pieces from Glove It Red Clear Dot. The vibrant red color seems to give us energy and determination to pursue our goal to ace the game. Plus, it surely makes you stand out on the green golf course.

Glove It Red Clear Dot golf gloves

Wear it like a pro and have a better grip on your golf club with these Glove It Red Clear Dot solid golf gloves. These have stretch knit back with soft cabretta leather palm that provides premium comfort andRead more

Soar High with the Ladies Glove It Dragonfly Golf Accessories Collection

It is such a good and lasting investment to buy all items in the Glove It Dragonfly collection. Each piece of this Glove It Dragonfly Golf Accessories collection is beautifully accentuated with dragonflies. Dragonflies are known to symbolize change – perhaps a sense of emotional and mental maturity. It is also an insect known for power and poise. Plus, the dragonfly prints are incorporated with Pink and Yellow contrast on a colorful canvas. Making this Glove It Dragonfly collection truly a golf masterpiece.

Now, think of the all the Glove It Golf Accessories with this stunning Dragonfly design. The GloveRead more

Be a Toughie and Hottie Lady Golfer with this Glove It Wrought Iron collection

Glove It has been consistently giving us quality women’s golf items with high-end fashion taste suitable for ladies who dare to play hard and at the same time, look better. Its newest addition is called the Glove It Wrought Iron collection.

You should go buy this Glove It Wrought Iron collection because it offers a timeless design printed on all golf items in a Wrought Iron color. I’m sure you’ve seen this shade used in elegant signature bags before. It is a neutral so whether you want to pull off a bright-colored golf outfit or even be covered up inRead more

Definitely (g)Love it! – The Glove It Ladies Solid Visors Comfort Clip collection

Built with high functionality and fashion sense, Glove It Ladies Golf Accessories have become a household name in golf world. The one of its newest collections is the Glove It Ladies Solid Visors. Here’s a slide-on visor with UV 50 Sun Protection. It can definitely hide your face and protect your eyes from the sun because of its wide brim for optimal sun protection.

Colors are available in Solid White, Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Pink andRead more

Glove It Mod Oval Collection Brings Colors to Your Golfing Life

Have you always fancied eclectic prints for your sporting accessories but found the existing items too bland? Well Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC is about to make your design-loving sporty self scream out loud with the newest collection from Glove It.

Glove It’s Mod Oval collection features attention-grabbing print in bold purple which would make every girl golfRead more