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Surviving the Game of Golf

Just when you thought you finally figured out the game of golf, it decides to go south! It’s a humbling game but it keeps us coming back for more! Not only do we want to make sure we have all the right equipment to play well, we want to make sure we have read up on all the latest tips and techniques to improve our performance…and so we turn to the books! Whether we’re a novice or experiencedRead more

Personalize Your Golf Bag

Ladies’ golf bags are as important as the golf clothing the ladies’ are wearing! Why not personalize your head covers and let them speak to your personality! Betty Boop was first created in the early 1930’s and has since become an American Icon. You’ll find her on all sorts of paraphernalia as her presence always seems toRead more

Bogey, Double Bogey, Triple …

Have you ever found yourself looking back on a golf hole visualizing each of your golf strokes and still not sure of your score? It’s a common occurrence with many of us when the game goes south! Fortunately, Courtney’s Count’EM Stroke Counters came to our rescue. As you can see, Courtney designed a fashionable way to keepRead more

Add a little Sparkle to Your Golf Game

Hat Clip Ball Markers have become both a fashionable and functional way for ladies to not only accessorize on the course but also to mark their golf balls while on the putting green. Chances are when you look down on the green for your ball marker, you will see anything from a flower, penguin, heart, fish, sun, to a ladybug (some real, some not so real). And as the sunRead more