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Wear this Fun and Fashionable JoFit Melon Ball Golf Apparel Collection

Fashion runs in circles. So better choose classic designs that can endure time and fashion change, just like this Harlequin print. These diamond-shaped prints are fun, bold and timeless can be found on this JoFit Melon Ball collection. This collection has a beautiful contrast of Black and White harlequin prints and lively colors of Grass Green and Blue.

JoFit Melon Ball Golf shirts

Notice that this JoFit Ladies Tapered Mock Sleeveless golf shirt has a different cut to highlight your curves. It is in the slimming color ofRead more

Celebrate Beauty, Fashion and Golf with this JoFit Mojito golf collection

Cheers to all the beautiful lady golfers you have done well last 2015 and who are willing to do more for 2016. (Hooray.) And what better way to do that than to celebrate this new year with a winning golf game while wearing gorgeous golf pieces from this fab JoFit Mojito collection. We can radiate good vibes with these golf pieces that have classy and lively Olive and White giraffe prints in and spiced with Flourescent Pink.

JoFit Mojito ladies golf shirts

These JoFit Mojito Ladies & Plus Size Gracie Sleeveless golf shirts areRead more

Forever Stylish with this JoFit Blue Hawaiian Multi Dot Collection

Aside from diamonds, there are other things that last forever. Just like our love for golf and fashion. JoFit understands that. That’s why they have come up with this JoFit Blue Hawaiian Collection. It has a timeless polka dot print as featured on 5 Blue golf/tennis pieces. Every JoFit Blue Hawaiian golf/tennis piece is made from its signature Jo Dry Jersey, a moisture wicking and quick dry material. All items show off a JoFit logo on itsRead more

Fashionably Fun Wearing JoFit Sea Breeze

You’ll love this JoFit Funfetti Performance Sleeveless Women’s Golf and Tennis Apparel in the Sea Breeze collection. These are especially designed for women athletes who choose to excel in their sport and also manage to be their best.

JoFit Sea Breeze collection has four golf/tennis pieces that should be included on your golf #ootd. These beautiful golf pieces have catchy Funfetti dotted prints of Black, Purple and Neon Green.

If you love to flauntRead more

JoFit Tahiti Golf Outfits

Not confident in your outfits? Are you hesitant that you might be doing a mix and match with your golf wears the wrong way? Worry no more. We’ll be giving you some help, Here’s five possible golf outfits that you can wear in the JoFit Tahiti golf collection.

The first JoFit Tahiti golf outfit is a JoFIt Ladies white long sleevegolf shirt and a citron-colored golf shorts. This outfit gives an impression of a sporty, outgoing and confident lady golfer. TheRead more

JoFit Lifestyle Touring tees

Aside from the great golf collections, JoFit also offers lifestyle pieces to be worn off the golf course. These three touring tees are soft, comfy, fashionable and made of silken rayon spandex. Wear this and you’re ready to hit the 19th hole.

The first one is a JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Touring Tees – Lifestyle in White. It gives a fresh look and feel as you wear this rounded V-neck Touring Tees. Since it also has a sleeve blending in Blue DepthRead more

JoFit Fiji collection

What we love about JoFit golf and tennis wear is that it has a wide variety of styles in one collection. Black (Plain and plaid), White, Eyelet and JoPink. You name it and this JoFit Fiji collection has it all.

The Black (Plain and plaid)
Let’s start with the black golf shirts. It is important to have a basic black golf shirt because it gives a slimmer and sexier look thus boosting confidence in playing the game and in socializing with friends after the round.

This JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Jacquard Lifestyle Sleeveless golf shirt is perfect for ladies who are confident enough to show off their sculpted arms. But if you opt for a golf shirt with sleeves, here’s the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Jacquard Performance Short Sleeve golf shirt for you. Both have center front zippers to control the depth of the neckline and are cut in at the waist to slim, shape and lengthen your bodyRead more

Get the Best of Both Worlds in this JoFit Golf/Tennis Lanai collection

True to their tagline, JoFit Sportswear is famous for its ‘designed to fit’ sportswear. It caters to the needs of lady golfers and tennis players. JoFit Lanai collection features variety of golf/tennis wears in Orange Crush and Jo Pink. Very eye catching on and off the golf course/tennis court. Plus, all of the items are available in Plus Sizes. Isn’t it great?

Yeah, we are under the heat of the scorching sun when playing either golf or tennis soRead more