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Be Natural with Sport Haley’s Skirt from the Woodland Collection

There’s something about the woody colors that attract our eyes. Whenever we see someone wearing a khaki outfit or cream color apparel, we immediately turn our heads and imagine ourselves wearing the same. It’s probably because they’re very mild to the eyes and very natural in contrast with the vibrant colors that we see all day. This is why it’s not so hard to fall in love with the Woodland Collection by Sport Haley.

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Sport Haley Isle of Capri Long sleeves

Beautiful golf pieces are hard to forget. That’s why you must remember the Sport Haley Isle of Capri collection that was shown in the previous post, right? Well, here’s more to this Isle of Capri collection. More pieces of Sport Haley Isle of Capri long sleeves golf shirts to cover more skin under the sun and to keep you warm as the cold wind blows.

Sport Haley Isle of Capri Long sleeves

The first one is a Sport Haley Ladies & Plus Size Tiffany Long Sleeve Solid golf shirts. It is a Capri-colored long sleeve solid polo with mock neck, thumb holes and a stylish ruched raglan detail.

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Sport Haley Isle of Capri

Inspired by the captivated beauty of Capri Island in Napoles, Italy, Sport Haley gives us its newest collection called Sport Haley Isle of Capri. The amazing rock formation and blue oceans that can be seen all over the island are the main inspiration of having cool colors Capri, Platinum and Granite as the color scheme for this lovely collection.

This Isle of Capri collection also shows how this quality sports golf apparel is glammed up with the combination of classic plaid, modern floral, geometrics blend and more.Read more

Sport Haley Viola Vineyard collection

Sport Haley Fall fashion has a clear goal – to turn heads on and off the course. It is very evident in this Sport Haley Viola Vineyard collection. A smart buy because of the perfect mix of excellent quality, elegance and price-worthy golf wears in a captivating viola color.

There are three short sleeve golf shirts to choose from. The first one is a Sport Haley Ladies & Plus Size Riley Short Sleeve Golf shirt. It is a Haley Cool textured solid polo withRead more

Hip and Cool when wearing this Sport Haley Hippie Chic collection

Sport Haley golf apparel is known to be a reflection of the wearer’s personality. Thus, creating a personalized fashion applicable not only in the golf course but also as a casual wear as well.

In this Sport Haley Hippie Chic collection, the spirit of being chic and carefree styles of the hippies are brought back to life. Most of the ladies golf apparel collections have equal number of golf shirts and golf skorts or shorts. But this one is different. ItRead more

Sport Haley Wave Stripe Print Golf Dress

There are golf dresses, and there are golf dresses that make you feel like a million bucks. Golf is a very social sport. You play not only for the sheer love of the sport, but to network, spend time with friends and enjoy. Therefore, it is quite imperative to dress to impress when you’re out on the golf course.

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Sport Haley Get This Party Started Collection Spells Fun Under the Sun

Who doesn’t want to party? Strobe lights, upbeat music and just the fun, festive atmosphere is enough to lift anyone’s dire mood. Sport Haley’s Get This Party Started collections spells just that — fun, festive with cheerful colour combinations.

This collection is made up of short and skirt ensembles, golf shirts and golf skorts in black, white and pink, andRead more

Sport Haley Written In Stars: A Bold Look at Golfing Fashion

If you think golfing fashion cannot get any bolder or fiercer, think again.  Sport Haley just released their newest collection, Written In Stars, and it looks like all of the clothes and style are out to make golfing ladies not only twinkle, but sizzle, at the golf course.

Designed around the mysterious hues of lilac, gray, black and midnight blue, the collection hasRead more