Sandbaggers Lola Golf Sandals collection for Women Golfers

One of our favorite makers of high-quality and fashionable ladies golf sandals, Sandbaggers Ladies Golf Shoes, has the Lola Golf Sandals collection which belongs to its 2015 golf sandals series . This series of sandals have sleek molded soles. They are especially made to provide comfort as lady golfers walk their way throughout the golf course.They also have molded orthotic footbeds with padded heels, 3 adjustable Velcro straps, and a plastic shank that provides torsion control along with a StepSaver orthotic which helps to reduce athletic foot fatigue. It also has a thermal rubber sole which ensures soft-flex traction with a cleated spikeless design.

Keep in mind that a lady golfer can wear it even both on and off the course. They are great after the tour round. No need to change sandals.
Sandbaggers Lola Golf Sandals collectionSandbaggers Lola golf sandals are offered in the colors Royal, Mint, Black & White and Charm you can choose from. Check Sandbaggers Sizing Chart here.

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