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Celebrate Beauty, Fashion and Golf with this JoFit Mojito golf collection

Cheers to all the beautiful lady golfers you have done well last 2015 and who are willing to do more for 2016. (Hooray.) And what better way to do that than to celebrate this new year with a winning golf game while wearing gorgeous golf pieces from this fab JoFit Mojito collection. We can radiate good vibes with these golf pieces that have classy and lively Olive and White giraffe prints in and spiced with Flourescent Pink.

JoFit Mojito ladies golf shirts

These JoFit Mojito Ladies & Plus Size Gracie Sleeveless golf shirts areRead more


Brighten Up!

Gloomy skies are here! But that’s not an excuse to look as gloomy as the weather on the course. Whoever said that plain and simple are all you can wear when you play, clearly has not seen the ADIDAS FALL 2013 and RASPBERRY Collection yet.

You might think that your wardrobe is limited to play with colors and that you shouldn’t fuss about lookingRead more